School by the River Press

School by the River Press was founded in 2005 as a fine arts and limited edition press, affiliated with the Southwest School of Art.

Sale of the press’ works helps the school’s Paper and Book Arts Program continue to offer greater access to instruction and studio than any other similar program in the country.

Layout and printing done between 2001- 2010 are by Rose Harms. Layout and printing beginning 2012 are by Léo Lee. Beck Whitehead produces handmade paper for the editions.

Since 2003, the Press has produced books in collaboration with Gemini Ink, a San Antonio writing and literary nonprofit organization, to honor recipients of the Gemini Ink Award of Literary Excellence. These hand-bound chapbooks with handmade paper covers and original art cost $50 and feature the award-winning work of: Robert Flynn (2003); Sterling Houston (2004 — pictured above); David Liss (2005)); and Abraham Verghese (2006); Steven G. Kellman (2008); Jerry Winakur and Lee Robinson (2009); John Phillip Santos (2010) Bryce Milligan (2011) with layout and printing by Sonja Rissow; and Carmen Tafolla (2013).

In addition, the press has produced four quartos, both printed on handmade paper — the Barzun quarto (2006), the Li-Young Lee quarto (2007), Characters: Celebrating Gemini Ink’s 10th Anniversary (2007) and Pennsylvania Pastoral/Instead by Philip Levine and Tony Hoagland (2013). Also available is a handmade, collaborative book celebrating the history of Southwest School of Art.

School by the River Press has produced three broadsides, by poets awarded the Gemini Ink Award of Literary Excellence –Naomi Shihab Nye (2001); Wendy Barker (2002) and Barbara Ras (2012) . In addition, the Press offers a studio collaborative broadside.

The Press has printed images which were originally produced for three of the chapbooks which it offers as separate prints. A forth print, Hope, is an Emily Dickinson poem on handmade paper.

Note Cards
A variety of note cards are available for $5 each. All are available from the Paper and Book Arts Department by contacting Program Coordinator, Leo Lee at 210.200.8255.

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