Preparing Your Digital Portfolio

Your digital portfolio should include 10 to 15 images of your best work.

All mediums are accepted and please submit only finished and original work. By finished we mean completed (so yes, sketch book images are fine as long as they are completed) and by original we mean from your own creative mind (Manga/Comic drawings are acceptable as long as you made up the characters). Please no more than three detail shots.

Your digital portfolio should include one still life.

This will be a drawing from direct observation, so please set up a dynamic composition that uses five objects. These objects can be found around your home but show careful thought when choosing which you will draw. The final step is to place a strong light source on your composition doing your best to accurately depict the values of light to dark with your shading.

Your digital portfolio should include one piece that shows your personal commentary on a current social topic.

This is not medium specific, what we are looking for are your thoughts and your research put into an artwork that speaks to our times.

Artwork images should not be over 5MB in file size.

Your digital portfolio must be accompanied by a typed inventory sheet. The sheet must contain the following information and formatting for each piece:

  • Names of the files submitted (formatted with no spaces as: 01_lastname_portfolio_imagetitle, 02_lastname_portfolio_imagetitle, 03_lastname_portfolio_imagetitle, etc…)
  • Titles of the works included
  • Medium or media of the depicted works
  • Actual size of the works (H” x W”x D”)
  • Dates that the works were completed
  • A brief description of the creative thought behind the piece

In addition to the required items above, please share with us other parts of your creative activities (soundcloud links, poems, videos of dance, cooking, etc…) we would love to learn more about you through these activities.

IMPORTANT:  Once submitted, digital portfolios become part of the applicant's file and will not be returned. Applicants should keep a copy of their digital portfolio for their own records.

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