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Increasingly, digital imaging has become a powerful tool in helping artists express their creative vision and digitally produced art has opened new vistas for innovative expression for many exhibiting artists.

Digital Media Material List

  Materials List

Classes not listed here will either have required materials in the class description, discuss needed materials during the first class, or the materials will be supplied.


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Digital Imaging Course Descriptions

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 ON-5061 | Illustration Techniques | Online

Level: All Levels | Instructor: Todd Fichter
Dates: Wed, 6/9/2021 to 7/14/2021 | 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Studio: Online | Building: Online
Tuition: $165 | Friends: $150 | Sessions: 6

This course will introduce Adobe Illustrator®, both the program's basic and advanced drawing tools. An exploration of various illustration styles such as stylized and photorealistic will also be covered. Students must have a computer with an Adobe Illustrator software subscription; see materials list for details. Registration closes May 31.

 ON-8081 | Graphic Novel Design | Online

Level: New | All Levels | Instructor: Jeff DeCuir
Dates: Wed, 6/9/2021 to 7/28/2021 | 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Studio: Online | Building: Online
Tuition: $205 | Friends: $190 | Sessions: 8

Have a story idea you want to develop graphically? This class gives students experience in pre- and post-production processes to turn drawings into an illustrated graphic novel ready for print and internet. Learn the creative process-from the brainstorming phase, scriptwriting, storyboard layout, to final black and white ink drawings. Gain an understanding of how to use Adobe Photoshop to digitally scan, refine, color, and letter storyboard drawings for print and digital media. Students must have a computer with an Adobe Photoshop software subscription; see SSA website for details and materials Registration closes May 31.

 ON-9904 | Social Media for Artists | Online

Level: New | All Levels | Instructor: Ashley Villarreal
Dates: Sat, 6/12/2021 to 6/19/2021 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Studio: Online | Building: Online
Tuition: $90 | Friends: $75 | Sessions: 2

Social media is an exceptionally powerful marketing tool for artists. It gives you a way to share your art with the world, to connect with and be inspired by other creatives, and to get your art in front of a massive audience of potential buyers. But where to start? In this class we will learn the basics of setting up our profiles on the 2 most important social media channels-Facebook and Instagram-as well as the basics for content creation. We will go through the important steps and most importantly, what to post, why, when, and how. Registration closes May 31.


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