Sculpture & Integrated Media

The Sculpture and Integrated Media Department focuses equally on objects and space. Students pursuing the emphasis learn to create a contemporary definition of sculpture that considers objects and experiences equally.  Through the application of traditional processes, such as woodworking and welding, as well as contemporary processes, such as CNC, animation, video and sound, students in the emphasis learn how to apply design-based thinking to construct their projects. Their work is augmented by looking at the works of other practitioners, readings of theory, and their own studio research.  Finally, through studio time, reflection and the critique process, students in the emphasis learn how to evaluate their work for craft, concept, and how to place it within a context, and to develop the means to talk about and defend their work.


Students will:

  • Have an understanding of basic three-dimensional tools and techniques.
  • Have an understanding of sound and video techniques.
  • Be introduced to contemporary sculptural media and practitioners.
  • Know how to apply media, craft and concept to their finished project.
  • Be self-critical, reflective and aware of the contexts surrounding their work.

All emphases provide the following outcomes:

  • Understand basic design principles, particularly as related to their chosen emphasis.
  • Understand the place in which the emphasis exists within the history of art, design, and culture.
  • The ability to use materials, equipment, and library resources related to their study.
  • The ability to work competently within the studio environment, with knowledge of practices to ensure their safety.
  • The ability to demonstrate functional knowledge of basic business practices specific to their chosen emphasis.
  • Completion of a final project that demonstrates facility in the emphasis.




Justin Boyd - Academic Director, Chair of Sculpture & Integrated Media
Justin holds an MFA from California Institute of the Arts and a BFA from The University of Texas at San Antonio. His work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Texas, including Artpace, San Antonio; Art Palace, Houston; and Blue Star Contemporary, San Antonio. Justin also hosts a long-running radio show on a local jazz station (KRTU).

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Justin Boyd, Academic Director,
Chair of Sculpture & Integrated Media

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