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The Paper/Book Arts Department offers instruction in the trifecta of papermaking, book binding and letterpress. Through two–and three–dimensional assignments, students pursuing this emphasis will learn the many applications of these three disciplines, including fiber selection and preparation, binding structures, and publication as a tool. Students may choose to focus on balancing 2 or 3 disciplines or focus on one.  Students who complete the program have an understanding of the practices associated with paper and book arts, the development of unique objects that convey a personal style and voice, see the book as an object and not just a format for transmitting information, and are confident in the presentation of their finished works.  


Students will:

  • Possess knowledge and skills in the use of basic tools, techniques, and processes sufficient to produce work from concept to finished object.
  • Possess knowledge of raw materials and technical procedures such as fibers selection and processing, chemistry, binding structures, publication and typography.
  • Understand the properties of paper, commercial and handmade.
  • Understand industrial applications of print and paper production.
  • Understand books and their construction, including binding structures and their applications.
  • Understand the scope and application of work to create editions and publications as well as unique one-of-a-kind objects.

 All emphases provide the following outcomes:

  • Understand basic design principles, particularly as related to their chosen emphasis.
  • Understand the place in which the emphasis exists within the history of art, design, and culture.
  • The ability to use materials, equipment, and library resources related to their study.
  • The ability to work competently within the studio environment, with knowledge of practices to ensure their safety.
  • The ability to demonstrate functional knowledge of basic business practices specific to their chosen emphasis.

Completion of a final project that demonstrates facility in the emphasis.



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