The Printmaking Department offers five major traditional printmaking methods:  Relief, Etching, Lithography, Screen printing, and Mixed media/monoprinting.  Within the emphasis, students can explore the visual impact of using a broad range of techniques and graphic methods to create work that supports their ideas. Through these opportunities, and ample time to explore the development of their craft in a well-equipped printmaking studio, students learn how to work with multiples and editions in support of their vision.  Students pursuing the emphasis have the opportunity to focus on one or two methods in advanced classes, and develop innovative ways to use these methods to marry concept, design and technique, and develop compelling ways to talk about and defend their work.


Students will:

  • Demonstrate advanced abilities in drawing as applied to various printmaking techniques
  • Demonstrate an understanding and proficiency in the techniques, processes, terminology, and tools as they relate to the development of concept and image in relief printing, intaglio, screenprinting and lithography.
  • Demonstrate an ability to present and discuss their work and engage critical thinking.
  • Demonstrate a continuing specialization in an area -- intaglio, lithography, relief screenprinting or mixed media/monoprinting.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for both contemporary and historical works in printmaking.  

All emphases provide the following outcomes:

  • Understand basic design principles, particularly as related to their chosen emphasis.
  • Understand the place in which the emphasis exists within the history of art, design, and culture.
  • The ability to use materials, equipment, and library resources related to their study.
  • The ability to work competently within the studio environment, with knowledge of practices to ensure their safety.
  • The ability to demonstrate functional knowledge of basic business practices specific to their chosen emphasis.
  • Completion of a final project that demonstrates facility in the emphasis.




Margaret Craig - Chair, Printmaking/Paper
Margaret holds a BS in Biology, Secondary Ed, a BS in Art, and a MA in Art, Painting, from the University of Wisconsin. She holds an MFA in Printmaking from The University of Texas at San Antonio. A leader in printmaking technology, Margaret has demonstrated at national conferences and was selected to represent the U.S. in China as part of the Sanbao International Printmaking symposium.  Her most recent residency was at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, in Berlin, Germany, through Blue Star Contemporary.

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Margaret Craig - Chair, Printmaking/Paper
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