Title IX Overview

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, relationship violence, and stalking, is prohibited by Southwest School of Art policy and can constitute a violation of state and/or federal law, including Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972. The sexual misconduct policy applies to the entire campus community, and to the conduct of students, faculty, staff, visitors, vendors, or other community members, both on the School’s campus and at Southwest School of Art sponsored events and activities regardless of location.

The School’s policy is designed to provide an environment that responds promptly and with sensitivity to the needs of victims, that respects the rights of the accused, and addresses the concerns and safety of the community.  

For Immediate Response

If you are being assaulted, feel threatened, or if you witness an act of sexual misconduct taking place on a SSA campus, go to a safe location. If you are unable to reach a safe location on your own, contact:

Campus Public Safety 210.240.0114

San Antonio Police Department 210.207.7273 or 911 if it is an emergency.

Confidential Reporting

Students who wish to confidentially discuss sexual misconduct may seek an appointment with the School counselor. Any conversation between a student and the counselor is confidential, though the counselor may report to law enforcement or the Title IX coordinator if the information shared creates concern for the safety of the student, or for the safety of others. Students may also seek off-campus health professionals, clergy members or rape-crisis counselors for confidential assistance.

School Counselor 210.200.8260 or in writing at counselor@swschool.org 

Reporting a complaint

Students who wish to discuss sexual misconduct with SSA personnel, but do not wish to submit a formal report or pursue an investigation, may reach out to faculty and to select staff members*. These school officials must file a complaint with the Title IX Coordinator, but they will not share identifying information about the student, unless given permission by the student.  Faculty and staff may give identifying information, if the incident reported creates concern for the safety of the student or others, and may warrant follow-up with the victim. If a student wishes to engage in a discussion with a faculty or staff member, but is unsure as to that person’s ability to file a complaint, the student should confirm the status of the faculty or staff member, before engaging in discussion.

*Please see Filing a Formal Report for a list of staff members who must report incidents of sexual misconduct, to the School, in full.

Filing a Formal Report

Students who wish to make a formal report of any incident of sexual misconduct may reach out to the following School personnel: the Title IX Coordinator, the Student Services Director, the President, all Senior staff members, and any member of Campus Public Safety, including the Chief. Students are encouraged to make formal reports for any and all sexual misconduct situations. Information regarding formal reports will only be shared, as necessary, with those involved in the investigation and hearing process.

For a complete definition of the sexual misconduct policy, information on the students’ rights, and a guide to the formal campus investigation and hearing process, please review the Student Handbook here. Students with any questions regarding Title IX policies and procedures are also encouraged to contact the Title IX Coordinator

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