Student Billing

Payment Plans

Students in our college program may choose either of the following payment schedule options:

  • A basic plan that includes a single payment each semester
  • A monthly payment plan

Monthly payment plan details can be found HERE

Billing Statements

Initial billing statements for new college students are sent via e-mail in August, before classes begin.  For currently enrolled college students, billing statements are available via NetClassroom, our BFA student portal.

By logging on to NetClassroom, students can obtain their current monthly balance, including credits and charges that have been applied to their accounts. The amount of scholarship aid awarded and disbursed will appear on the billing statement that is sent out at the beginning of each term.  Student billing notifications are sent to each student’s SSA e-mail account on the 10th of each month.

Maymester billing is sent after April 15, and is due by May 1.

Grace Period

At Southwest School of Art, students are allowed a grace period of up to five (5) business days, after the due date has passed (applies to both monthly and basic payment plans). After the grace period has expired, the account in question is subject to a $25 late fee.  Students facing an emergency situation that requires a payment extension may contact the Accounting Office to request a special arrangement for late payment without penalty (the request should be made before the due date).  Payment checks returned by the bank for non-sufficient funds are subject to a returned check fee of $35, per incident of return.

Financial Holds

If a student’s payment is more than 60 calendar days past due, a financial hold will be placed on the student’s account.  Financial holds restrict registration for subsequent semesters, the issuance of grades, the ordering of transcripts, and possibly, graduation.  

If a student’s payment is more than 90 calendar days past due, the account will be placed on delinquent status, unless special written arrangements have been made with the business office.

Students must settle their student billing account prior to the end of each semester in order to ensure good financial standing and financial clearance. Students with unpaid balances will have a financial hold placed on their account, which restricts registration for subsequent semesters, the issuance of grades, the ordering of transcripts, and possibly, graduation.

The following may apply to severely delinquent accounts:

  • Notification of national credit reporting agencies
  • Involvement of a collection agency and/or litigation

Any collection costs, attorney fees, and court costs may be the student’s responsibility.


Refunds will be made for students who withdraw from a course, or from the School, according to the schedule printed in the academic calendar, found in the catalog.  Refunds will be credited to the student’s account and applied to future enrollment, unless the student requests that the refund be paid out.  A student who has a credit balance and chooses not to re-enroll in the BFA program, without providing advance notice to the School, will be issued a refund via check after the drop/add period of the semester in question. 

More information can be found in the Catalog and Student Handbook.  If you have questions regarding your statement, please contact the Office of the Controllor Office at 210.200.8203.


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