From the Director of Exhibitions: Chad Dawkins

What Is An Exhibition

Chad Dawkins, Director of Exhibitions at Southwest School of Art has long pondered this question, and has concluded that the word exhibition can have many meanings.  Below is an excerpt from one of his published works on defining an exhibition.

An exhibition is a question. An exhibition is more than the artwork within a particular site. It is more than the visual, textual, auditory, and atmospheric sensations of that location. An exhibition is not a set of traits; instead it is a negotiated construct.

An exhibition is a framework—an apparatus—that exists where art, artists, curators, institutions, and viewers intersect. This framework is dependent on certain conventions in order for the connections to make sense and be meaningful. Typically, the convention of an exhibition is an assemblage of objects composed in space for the purpose of display. It is within the apparatus, and under these conventions, that we understand an object displayed in that space to be a work of art. Therefore, exhibitions are the contexts in which critical receptions to artistic creations are formed.  

An exhibition is a provocation, and the will to influence is at the core of any exhibition.


Exhibitions at Southwest School of Art

Southwest School of Art is the site of more than a dozen exhibitions each year by prominent local, regional and national artists.  We are recognized by many as one of the best places in San Antonio to view art and as a key contributor to the San Antonio arts and culture scene and all exhibitions are free and open to the public.

Chad Dawkins previously served as Associate Director at the Texas State Galleries of Texas State University.  From 2010-15 he was the Studio Technician at Artpace, San Antonio.  His work as a curator has been complemented by educational roles at both Texas State University, where he lectured in Art History in the School of Art and Design and at Southwest School of Art, where he serves as lecturer of Critical Inquiry in our BFA program. 


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