Fiesta Arts Fair Food & Beverages

The menu runs the gamut from gorditas to roasted corn, chocolate desserts to paletas

Food stands are located throughout the Fair. Hungry fairgoers can enjoy interior Mexican favorites, Tex-Mex to fresh salads, roasted potatoes, and corn.  Desserts like chocolate covered bacon, paletas, funnel cake and mangonada. Beverages available at the Fair include agua frescas, soft drinks, sangria, beer and margaritas.


Coupon Booths

Before you get in line to purchase food or beverages, you need to purchase coupons.  Coupons are available at any of the coupon booth located throughout the Fair. Coupon booths except cash only. An ATM van is located by the main entrance. Coupons are non-refundable.

Coupons are: $10 for a strip of 10, or $1.00 each.


Food & Beverage locations


Parking Lot

La Gloria/La Fruteria ∙ Interior Mexican cuisine

Corn Wheel ∙ Roasted corn, potatoes & gorditas

Kona Grill ∙ Salads, appetizers & chicken tenders

Chocollazo ∙ Chocolate desserts & coffee

Social Ice ∙ Frozen wine pops

Big Licks   Pulled pork & other sandwiches




McNutt Garden

La Gloria/La Fruteria ∙ Interior Mexican cuisine

Roasted Kernels ∙ Sausage, tacos, hot dogs, funnel cake & lemonade

SnoDaddy ∙ Paletas, mangonada, & sour belts on a stick




Would you like to be a food vendor at Fiesta Arts Fair? Read the application guidelines HERE. Download the food vendor application HERE.