A call to our general phone number (210) 224-1848 will connect you to a staff person’s office.


Teri Hatch Aguilar – Exhibitions Coordinator
Kathy Armstrong – Director of Exhibitions
Leigh Baldwin - Director of Communications
Kori Bennett - Interim Registrar
Olga Castaño – Visitor Specialist
Ed Conroy – Development Director
Edward J. Dupuy - Dean
Cesario Garcia– Groundskeeper
Michelle Garrigan – Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Sylvia Glatman  – Rentals Manager
Ed Hepner – Security & Maintenance Supervisor
Kambri Hernandez - Assistant to the Registrar
Barbara Hill – Director of Community Programs
Elaine Leahy  – Executive Assistant
Kiko Martinez – Digital Media Manager
Patricia Morales – Director of Young Artist Programs
Paula Owen – President
Stephanie Peché Canales  – Development Associate
Heather A. Rakowitz – Chief Financial Officer
Yvette Ramirez – Maintenance
Teresa Rodriguez  – Director of Information Systems
Noelia Saavedra – Accountant
Regina Sanders – Asst. Director, Young Artist Programs & SMD Coordinator
Stephen J. Strapple  – Director of Operations
Joe Turner  – Maintenance
Jerry Vasquez – Maintenance
Lyn Woods – Development Assistant