Teen Studio Intensive

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Teen Studio Intensive

This program is for talented teens, ages 15-19, with a strong interest in the visual arts and who are looking to develop their art-making skills through intense professional instruction, in a serious learning environment.

The program is selective, and teens have to apply. They meet after school, 3 days a week, during the school year. There is no tuition for this studio intensive — it’s supported by generous donors.

The first group of teens in this program named themselves “Bee Nation” — and that name has stuck. Each year, they plan and install at least one group exhibition in a public space.

Some of them use this time to develop a portfolio for college submission; others use it to explore art-making as a career option.

For information about enrolling in this program, contact Regina Sanders, 210.224-1848, ext. 321, or send an email to rysanders@swschool.org.