Tuition is $605 per credit hour:

Year 1/33 hours: $19,965
Year 2/33 hours: $19,965
Year 3/30 hours: $18,150
Year 4/24 hours: $14,520

These charges are subject to change

Fees per semester:
Student Activity Fee (full-time) $150
Student Activity Fee (part-time) $75
Technology $50
Registration $60

One time fees:
Orientation $100
Graduation $100

See a tuition comparison to other private art institutions HERE


Studio Materials

Studio fees are included in tuition.  Materials are the responsibility of the student and are not included in tuition, fees, or scholarships (the Margaret D. Harris Scholarship is an exception; please see below).


Housing and Dining

Housing will be the responsibility of the student, although SSA has a housing list of available living space in the area.

SSA provides a meal plan through its own Copper Kitchen Café. The plan covers 75 lunches for the 15-week fall semester and 75 for the spring term, and 20 for the May Intensive term. The cost for the fall and spring terms is $500, while for the May Intensive it is $150. The Copper Kitchen Café may not be able to cater to all dietary restrictions, although healthy choices are offered.


Financial Support

Scholarships – The school has put together a pool of scholarship funds, with awards being determined by (1) merit and (2) need. The Admission Committee will recommend scholarship and institutional aid amounts. During the first year of the BFA, SSA is happy to offer the following full and partial scholarships:

Full Scholarships

  • The Margaret D. Harris Scholarship - Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (full tuition, fees, books, supplies). This scholarship is made possible by the S.T. and Margaret D. Harris Foundation.
  • President's Scholarship (full tuition)


Partial scholarships (partial tuition):

  • Alturas Foundation Scholarship
  • Carolyn H. Harte Scholarship
  • Roxana Gage Catto Scholarship
  • Argo Group Scholarship


Aside from these named scholarships, additional scholarship funding has been made available through the SSA operating budget.  Students will be considered for all available scholarships when they apply.  Learn how to apply for scholarships HERE.


scholarships from sources outside of ssa

Students in SSA’s BFA program can use scholarships from outside sources to help defray their college tuition costs; such scholarships are available through a variety of organizations which have their own criteria for eligibility. Students are encouraged to research all scholarship avenues and to apply for any they think they might have a chance at receiving.   SSA is not involved in the selection process for outside scholarships, nor can SSA guarantee that students pursuing outside financial assistance will receive aid from these organizations.  Students should explore scholarships available from as many sources as possible, including those listed at the San Antonio Area Foundation website HERE.

For students’ convenience, SSA has narrowed the list of scholarships represented at this website to those for which we think our students might be eligible. See this shorter list HERE.


Payment Plan

The Southwest School of Art understands that students may need assistance in funding their education and offers a tuition payment plan.  Details and payment information can be found HERE


Federal Financial Assistance

Federal financial aid is not available at this time.