Who We Serve



At the same time that public schools face decisions that curtail classes in the arts, serious thinkers insist that creative, left-brain thinking is what will sustain our society’s health in years to come.

Each year, we send teaching artists into schools through our Mobile Arts Program, which directly serve at least 4000 students. Our long-running and award-winning Saturday Morning Discovery program has introduced the visual arts and art-making to families for over 40 years. We give 142 scholarship spots out of the nearly 1200 Summer Art Camp enrollments. And our free intensive studio class, Bee Nation, works with teens to nurture their artisric talent.



Adult community classes for older teens and adults (through the age of 80+) are focused, disciplined, serious inquiries into the creative process and skills development. They are journeys of self-knowledge, while providing technical and critical knowledge about art. We offer classes during the day, evenings or over weekends, and for all levels. Teaching faculty are credentialed and studio faculties for adult classes are university-caliber.  The quality of our offerings attract a enrollment of nearly 3000 people each year.




By proactively collaborating with other community institutions, in San Antonio and nationally, we honor and serve the collective spirit of creativity. A typical year involves collaboration with more than 100 other groups — from school districts to national art media groups, from veterans groups to community-focused celebrations such as Luminaria. In giving us a recent award, a local “Women in the Arts” group said that the Southwest School of Art “stands at the heart of the San Antonio visual arts community.”