Why Attend an Independent College of Art?


Young woman paintingAs Texas’ only independent college of art, we are a non-profit institution of higher education that offers only one degree – the Bachelor of Fine Arts or BFA.  The program provides opportunities for students to work across disciplines with the option of focusing on one area of emphasis: Ceramics, Drawing & Painting, Metals, Photography, Printmaking, or Sculpture & Integrated Media.

Attending an independent college of art is attractive to students who are deeply engrossed in art not only because there are fewer distractions, but also because they are surrounded by like-minded students and faculty.

Like other similar colleges of art you might know of, such as the Kansas City Art Institute or the Rhode Island School of Design, all courses at the SSA are designed to support a career in the visual arts. Programs, coursework, and campus activities will include opportunities to be involved in the lively San Antonio visual arts scene, interacting regularly with professional artists and others involved in the arts.

Perhaps most of all, an independent college of art differs from most other colleges because of the deep camaraderie that develops among students who are similarly motivated. The small number of students who attend the SSA will help to build those bonds.